It’s easy to lay down the law, to take a stand against something, to say we just won’t tolerate it. It’s harder to dig deeper and reach the reason behind the problem.

We can condemn divorce and remarriage. We can even condemn the people caught in it. The trouble is that unless we nurture and value strong, loving families and experience true oneness in marriages the way God intends, the problem won’t get less.

We can deplore drugs and drunkenness and make all the laws we want, but until we give people something better to live for, the problem will only get worse. In the case of drug use, the laws currently in place are actually increasing the problem tenfold because they prevent the person once caught in it from reentering and being accepted by society by branding them as criminals when they were only trying to fill a void created by perverted circumstances and an uncaring society to start with.

So before you despise a fellow human or condemn someone because of things in his life that are not right, take a moment to reflect on how you could have made things better in that person’s life. And if you had no relationship and influence on that person, or are not willing to do what it takes to build a relationship with that person, please remember that he is probably better off without your “helpful” criticism.

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